Service container sample code in PHP mvc framework

Created at 27-Mar-2024 , By samar


class ServiceContainer {
    private $bindings = [];

    public function bind($name, $resolver) {
        $this->bindings[$name] = $resolver;

    public function resolve($name) {
        if (isset($this->bindings[$name])) {
            $resolver = $this->bindings[$name];
            return $resolver();
        throw new Exception("Service '$name' not found in the container.");


class Request {
    public function all(){
        return array(__DIR__, __FILE__, __LINE__);

class UserController {
    public function myFunction(Request $request) {

// Instantiate the controller
$userController = new UserController();
// Get the method parameters
$methodName = 'myFunction';
$reflector = new ReflectionMethod('UserController', $methodName);
$parameters = $reflector->getParameters();

// Resolve and inject dependencies based on type hinting
$dependencies = [];

$container = new ServiceContainer();
$container->bind('Request', function(){
    return new Request();
foreach ($parameters as $parameter) {
    $dependencyClassName = $parameter->getType()->getName();
    $dependencies[] = $container->resolve($dependencyClassName);
// Call the method with the resolved dependencies

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