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Html list generator is online tool to generate html list in ordered list (ol) or unordered list (ul) format. You can generate dummy list item as well as your own custom list item by new lines and comma seperated values.

You can add css style to list items by changing list item color, background color, font-size, margin, padding and much more. Select the desired options from left sidebar and get the list item as well as the relevant CSS for any customization that you do using generator.

You can get the idea for your list in html using preview section. Dummy list item in list generator can be used as a placeholder content in your website or blog.

You have a lot of option to change and customize your list item as per requirments like font size, color , spacing (margin/padding). Basically list are used to organized item in a particular order to its relevant content. There are main two type of lists. 1.Ordered list (ol list) 2. unordered list (ul list). You can arrange these list items to horizontally (left to right) and veritcally (up to down).