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Html audio generator is used to generate html audio tag. There are lots of options available in html audio generator which you can use to generate your html audio tag code and copy/paste it in your website. You can change the source url as per your file destination. You can enable or disable different options like audio controls, audio autoplay, audio loop, audio preload.

Audio tag attributes

Main audio tag attributes that are supported by audio tag are controls, autoplay, loop, preload and src.

Audio controls specifies that controls should be displayed or not in your browser (such as a play/pause button, sound icon, download option etc). If you disabled audio controls and your autoplay setting is enable then audio will play but it will be not visible in browers.

Audio autoplay will automatically start playing.

Audio loop will start over again and again, every time it is finished.

Audio preload specifies the audio file should be loaded when the page loads.

Source attribute in audio tag has three types of audio file format which are supported by different browsers. Like Ogg file works in Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. MP3 file format is supported by IE, safari and chrome. Wav file is supported by firfrox, opera, chrome and safari latest versions.

The audio element is used to embed audio content in an HTML document without requiring any additional plugin like Flash player. Support for the audio element varies accross browsers.

File format supported by different browsers are listed below.

Format IE 9+ Firefox 3.5+ Opera 10.5+ Chrome 3.0+ Safari 3.0+
Ogg Vorbis No Yes Yes Yes No
MP3 Yes No No YesYes
Wav No Yes Yes Yes Yes