MySQL create procedure example

Created at 29-Apr-2023 , By samar

Here is an example of creating a stored procedure in MySQL.

  1. First connect to MysQL server using below command.
mysql -u root -p 

The command mysql -u root -p is used to connect to a MySQL database server as the root user from the command line interface.

  1. Choose batabase using use mydb; statement if already exist or create new one using create database mydb;.

  2. Change delimiter from ; to //

delimiter //
  1. Create procedure using below sql statement.
create procedure calculate_tax(in subtotal decimal(10,2), out total decimal(10,2), inout tax_rate decimal(10,2) ) begin declare tax decimal(10,2); set tax = subtotal * (tax_rate / 100) ; set total = subtotal + tax ; if subtotal > 1000 then set tax_rate = 10; end if ; return  total, tax_rate; end //
  1. Call the procedure
 call calculate_tax(1000, @total, @tax_rate);

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