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How to check the MySQL version

Sometimes you need to know about your MySQL version. Knowing the version number of MySQL helps to check if a specific feature is available or compatible with your system. You can run mysql -v command on MySQL command-line client and also run SQL query to the web-based interface (PhpMyAdmin, Adminer) to check the MySQL version.

  • MySQL command to check the version number

    mysql -v

    You can run mysql -v command on the MySQL client shell (Command). It will return you the current version of MySQL you have installed.


    SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "%version%";

    This SQL query (statement) will provide detailed information about your MySQL installation like MySQL version,  innodb_version, protocol_version, tls_version, version_comment, version_compile_machine and version_compile_os. 

  • Select version statement


    You can also use the select version statement to get the SQL version. The statement will provide you only the version number of MySQL without any other specification.

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