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Created at 31-May-2023 , By samar

PS E:\laragon\www\playground\djangolearn> python createsuperuser
Username (leave blank to use 'kumar'): samar
Email address:
Password (again):
This password is too short. It must contain at least 8 characters.
This password is too common.
This password is entirely numeric.
Bypass password validation and create user anyway? [y/N]: y
Superuser created successfully.

To create the Django super user, you can follow these steps.

1 Open a terminal or command prompt.

2 Navigate to the root directory of your Django project.

3 Run the following command to create a new superuser account.

python createsuperuser

4 You will be prompted to enter a new username, email (optional), and password for the superuser. Enter the required information and press Enter.

Note: Make sure to provide a unique username that is not already taken by an existing user.

  1. Django will create the new superuser account and display a success message.

Now, you can use the newly created username and password to log in to the Django admin interface.

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