How to displaying ckeditor save HTML data from SQL database

You can display ckeditor save HTML data from SQL database in view file using {!! $data !!} in Laravel and html_entity_decode($data) in core PHP.

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  • Laravel display HTML content in blade as unescaped Data

    --PATH resources\views\<home>.blade.php
    {!! $data->body !!}
    @php echo html_entity_decode($data->body) @endphp

    You can use {!!  and  !!} and @php echo html_entity_decode($data->body) @endphp to display HTML content as HTML in laravel view file.   

  • Display HTML content using html_entity_decode() method in php

    <?php echo html_entity_decode($data->body); ?> ///

    You can use html_entity_decode() method to display HTML content in php file.

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