Update record after find method in lavavel

You can update record after find method by passing the primary key of record to find() method and run update() method on record.

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  • Update record using find() method with static value in laravel 8

    use App\Http\Controllers\HomeController;
    Route::get('/update-record',[HomeController::class, 'updateRecord']);
    //Import post model in controller
    use App\Models\Post;
    //Controller's method to update record with static value
    public function updateRecord(){
        $id = 1;
        $post = Post::find($id)->update(['description'=> 'Lorem ipsum']);
        echo $post;

    Output :

    If record exists with specific argument value and update query executed successfully


    If record does not exists and update query not executed successfully

    Error : Call to a member function update() on null

     The error Call to a member function update() on null means that Post::find($id) returned null. This may be because $id is itself null, or the value of $id does not exist in the id column of the posts table. 

    You have to check the $id value should not be null and after that you have to check the record with this id (value) exists in the table. It will return 1 if everything is ok else it will return Call to a member function update() on null.

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