Trying to get property 'title' of non-object

Created at 21-Aug-2021 , By samar

Trying to get property 'title' of non-object is the most common error found in laravel while executing code when we try to access array data value as an object. We pass data in array form from the controller and access this array value as an object that is why we get the error.

  • Access array value as array not object in PHP

    {{ $user['title'] }}

    You have to use {{ $user['title'] }} instead of {{ $user->title }} to access the array value.

  • What does "Trying to get property of non object in.." mean?

    The error occurs when you try to access a property of an object that isn't an object. In this case you cannot access the property, as the $result isn't an object. It is a boolean = false. One thing is to check that a variable is an object using PHP's is_object.

  • What is the best solution for error "Trying to get property 'title' of non-object"?

    Is your query returning array or object? If you dump it out, you might find that it’s an array and all you need is an array access ([]) instead of an object access (->).

  • Which of the following is not an object property?

    foreach($po_items as $item){ if(is_null($item->vendor_company)){ continue } // do what you want with the vendor & vat_no. } A third option would be to query only the items that have a vendor company, assuming that there is a relationship involved in there.

  • How can I fix this error "Trying to get property 'title' of non-object"

    Look like some users doesn't have role .So better check for null.When you dd($user->roles->title) it only check for first user record not for all users.

    @foreach($users as $user)
    <p> {{ $user->roles->title??null }} </p>
  • How do you remove an object from a property?

    You can use the delete operator to completely remove the properties from the JavaScript object. Deleting is the only way to actually remove a property from an object.

  • How can I find the object of a property?

    We can check if a property exists in the object by checking if property !== undefined . In this example, it would return true because the name property does exist in the developer object.

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