Route not defined in Laravel

Created at 07-Feb-2023 , By samar

To resolve this error Route not defined, check the spelling of the route name, and make sure it is defined in the route file routes/web.php. If you have not defined the route name in web.php file which you are trying to call, you can define the missing route.

Defining the route

Like we have define a route in routes/web.php file.

Route::get('/dashboard', 'DashboardController@dashboard')->name('dashboard');

The ->name('dashboard') part is giving the route a name of dashboard. Now, we can generate URLs to this route using the name dashboard like route('dashboard') instead of the actual URL.

Calling the route

You can call the route dashboard in Laravel using the URL generator function route() and passing the name of the route (dashboard) as an argument. For example:

<a href="{{ route('dashboard') }}">Link to Dashboard</a>

The ->name() method in Route::get('/dashboard', 'DashboardController@dashboard')->name('dashboard'); is useful for making the code more readable and maintainable, as it allows you to use descriptive names for routes instead of hardcoded URLs.

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