Rename Pivot Table in Laravel

Created at 13-Jan-2022 , By samar

Rename Pivot Table in Laravel

With this article, we’ll look at some examples of how to address the "Rename Pivot Table in Laravel" problem.

Sometimes you have to rename the pivot with a specific name while getting data from the pivot table. Usually you have to use the pivot name like $podcast->pivot->created_at while getting the data from pivot table but you can rename the pivot with a specific name which you want to use in Laravel.
  • Use specific name instead of pivot while getting data from pivot table in Laravel

    --PATH app\Models\User.php
    public function podcasts() {
        return $this->belongsToMany('App\Models\Podcast')
    Route::get('/get-podcasts-subscription', function(){
        $data = App\Models\User::with('podcasts')->find(1);
        foreach ($data->podcasts as $podcast) {
            // instead of $podcast->pivot->created_at ...
            echo $podcast->subscription->created_at;

    You have to follow the laravel naming convention while defining the models name and tables name. It will help you to rename the pivot with subscription while fetching the data from pivot table. Which is more understandable as compared to using pivot.

    Additional Notes

    1. Create tables with name users, podcasts and pivot podcast_user table with column user_id, podcast_id, created_at and updated_at column.

    2. Create models with name User, Podcast, PodcastUser in app/Models directory.

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