OrderBy on Eloquent relationships method in Laravel

You can directly call the orderBy() method on eloquent relationships to get the data from related tables in specific order.

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  • Use orderBy method with ASC on eloquent relationship in Laravel to display content in alphabetical ascending order (From A to Z)

    //Define relationship method in user model - app\Models\User.php
    public function postsByTitle(){
        return $this->hasMany('App\Models\Post')->orderBy('title', 'ASC');

    Calling the relationship method

    $data = App\Models\User::find(1)->postsByTitle()->get();

    Additional Note

    You can display data using foreach loop.

    foreach($data as $val){
        echo $val->title. "<br/>";

    You can specify orderBy() directly on your Eloquent relationships. It will return the data in a specific order while calling the relationship method using with() in Laravel. In our case, we get the data in alphabetical ascending order (From A to Z).

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