Method Illuminate\Http\Request::validated does not exist

Updated at 20-Apr-2021, By samar

Method Illuminate\Http\Request::validated does not exist

Good day, guys. In this post, we’ll look at how to solve the "Method Illuminate\Http\Request::validated does not exist" programming puzzle.

  • Validate input data by creating form request

    //Step 1. Create form request using CLI
    php artisan make:request StorePostRequest
    //Step 2. Add validation rules to rules() method in created file
    // app\Http\Requests\StorePostRequest.php
    public function authorize()
        return true;
    public function rules()
        return [
            'title' => 'required|unique:posts|max:255',
            'body' => 'required',
    //Step 3. Make changes in your controller file
    // app\Http\Controllers\<YourController>.php
    use App\Http\Requests\StorePostRequest;
    public function store(StorePostRequest $request)
        $validated = $request->validated();

    Method Illuminate\Http\Request::validated does not exist error occurres when you call validated method without creating form request. To call validated() method you have to first create a form request using the php artisan make:request StorePostRequest command. After the  execution of command a form request has been successfully created under App\Http\Requests folder. All the validation rules will be placed in your rules() method in your StorePostRequest.php file.

    You can call validated() method in laravel controller’s methods on $request and using this method you can get all validated input data in the array.

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