Method chaining in Laravel

Created at 20-Jul-2023 , By samar

Method chaining in Laravel follows the same concept as method chaining in PHP.

To create method chaining in your own PHP class, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Define your class: Start by creating a class and defining the methods you want to chain. Each method should return the instance of the class ($this) to allow for chaining. Create a test directory in app folder of Laravel project and create a file Calculation.php in it add below code.


namespace App\Test;

class Calculation {

    public $result;

    public function __construct(){
        $this->result = 0;

    public function add($num){
        $this->result += $num;
        return $this;

    public function substract($num){
        $this->result -= $num;
        return $this;

    public function multiply($num){
        $this->result *= $num;
        return $this;

    public function getResult(){
        return $this->result;

  1. Chain the methods: Within each method, you can call other methods on $this to chain them together. This allows you to invoke multiple methods in a single statement.


use App\Test\Calculation;

Route::get('/method-chain', function(){
    return (new Calculation())->substract(10)->add(20)->multiply(5)->getResult();
  1. Now hit the url http://localhost:8000/method-chain in your browser. You will see the result.

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