Laravel replicate model with relations

Created at 22-Dec-2022 , By samar

You can use the replicate method in Laravel on a model instance to create a new instance of the model with the same attributes. However, this method does not replicate the model's relationships. If you want to replicate a model and its relationships, you'll need to create a new instance of the model and manually attach the related models to it.

  • Replicate Post model with its comments

    Here's an example of how you might replicate a model with its relationships in Laravel.

    $post = App\Post::with('comments')->find(1);
    $replicate = $post->replicate();
    foreach ($post->comments as $comment) {
        $replicateComment = $comment->replicate();

    In this example, the Post model has a comments relationship that represents a one-to-many relationship. We have to retrieve the original Post model using the find method, along with its related Comment models using the with method. Now we have to loop through the comments of the original post and create replicas of them to be saved to the replicated post.

    Here we have a comments method with one to many relations in the post model.


    class Post extends Model
        // Define the one-to-many relationship with the Comment model
        public function comments()
            return $this->hasMany(Comment::class);
  • Replicate Post model with tags and categories using relationship

    --PATH app\Http\Controllers\<YourController.php>
    $post = Post::find($id);
    $newPost = $post->replicate();
    foreach($post->tags as $tag)
    foreach($post->categories as $category)

    If your post has categories and tags. You can copy it and save it to the database. You can use the attach() method on a models relation, to insert categories and tags on the pivot table to the newly created record. You have to get id of post which you want to make duplicate and assign to $id variable.

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