laravel migration add foreign key to existing table

You can add a foreign key to the existing table in laravel using migration. Laravel provides migration column type foreginId() which helps you to create a foreign key in an already existing table in your database.

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  • Create foreign key to an existing table in laravel 8

    //Create migration file
    php artisan make:migration add_user_id_to_posts_table --table=posts
    //Create table structure using column type in the generated migration file
    public function up()
        Schema::table('posts', function (Blueprint $table) {
        * Reverse the migrations.
        * @return void
    public function down()
        Schema::table('posts', function (Blueprint $table) {
    //Run artisan command to create a foreign key
    php artisan migrate

    Laravel 8 has a foreignId() column type in migration schema builder. Which is used to create a foreign key in laravel with an UNSIGNED BIGINT equivalent column.

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