Laravel create table migration with model

Updated at 21-Apr-2021, By samar

Laravel create table migration with model

We’ll attempt to use programming in this lesson to solve the "Laravel create table migration with model" puzzle.

You can create both a model and migration file to create table structure using a single command. This command will automatically create the model and migration file which is very convenient as compared to creating manually.
  • Create project table with model and migration

    // Create project model with migration 
    php artisan make:model Project --migration
    // Add columns to project migration file under - database\migrations\<2021_04_21_125826>_create_projects_table.php
    Schema::create('projects', function (Blueprint $table) {
    // Run migrate command to create table structure
    php artisan migrate

    First you have to run artisan command with php artisan make:model Project --migration. This command will create a model and migration for your table structure. After that you can add columns to the migration file and run the php artisan migrate command.

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