How to return data in json format in Laravel

Updated at 07-Aug-2022, By samar

How to return data in json format in Laravel

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I got the user records using **`get()`** method from the users table and i want to return it in json format from controller.
  • Return data in json format from controller file

    Laravel syntax to convert data in json format


    Example code


    $data = App\Models\User::get();
    return response()->json($data);


    [{"id":1,"name":"Mr. Jay Price Jr.","email":"[email protected]","email_verified_at":"2022-03-03T11:01:39.000000Z","username":"","created_at":"2022-03-03T11:01:39.000000Z","updated_at":"2022-03-03T11:01:39.000000Z"},
    {"id":2,"name":"Prof. Jarvis Lehner","email":"[email protected]","email_verified_at":"2022-03-03T11:01:39.000000Z","username":"",

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