How to insert multiple rows in mysql using loop in laravel?

You can insert multiple rows in MySQL using foreach loop in laravel. You can get the records (values) in an array and you can insert the value in the table using foreach iteration

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  • Insert multiple records using foreach in laravel

    $timezones = ['(UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi', '(UTC-12:00) International Date Line West', 'UTC-11:00) Midway Island, Samoa'] ;
    foreach($timezones as $timezone){
            'name' => $timezone,
    //Import Timezone model before class definition
    use App\Models\Timezone;

    This code snippet example is helpful when you want to insert multiple records in a single execution.

  • Insert multiple records with multiple columns in table using laravel eloquent

    //Controller's method to insert records in the table
    public function insertSalaryRecords(){
        $emp_details = array(
            array("emp_id" => 4, "emp_name"=> 'samarjeet kumar', "basic_sal" => 21000),
            array("emp_id" => 5, "emp_name"=> 'sonu chauhan', "basic_sal" => 25000),
            array("emp_id" => 6, "emp_name"=> 'manoj singh', "basic_sal" => 27000)
        foreach($emp_details as $key=>$val)
        echo "data inserted";
    //Create model and table structure using migration command
    php artisan make:model Salary -m
    //Migration file content - database/migrations/<2021_08_04_115521>_create_salaries_table.php
    Schema::create('salaries', function (Blueprint $table) {
    //Create salary controller
    php artisan make:controller SalaryController
    Route::get('/insert-salaries', '[email protected]');

    You can insert multiple records with multiple columns in table using laravel eloquent

  • Upsert() method in laravel

        ['id' => 1, 'email' => '[email protected]'],
        ['id' => 2, 'email' => '[email protected]'],
    ], ['email']);

    The first argument is the values to insert/update the records and the second argument is the column(s) that uniquely identify records. All databases except SQL Server require these columns to have a PRIMARY or UNIQUE index.

    It will insert the record if the value does not already exist in the database else it will update the records. The upsert method will automatically set the created_at and updated_at timestamps if timestamps are enabled on the model.

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