How to generate .env file for laravel?

You can generate .env file for Laravel using command prompt. You have to simply move to root directory of current project and run CP command with source file (.env.example) and target file (.env) to create file in Laravel. If the target is an existing file, CP command overwrites it; if it does not exist, CP creates it

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  • Copy .env.example file contents to .env file using command prompt

    //Copy the contents of a file (.env.example) to another file (.env)
    cp .env.example .env

    You don't have to create the .env file. It will automatically creates the .env file and copy contents of .env.example contents to in it.


    Step by step instruction to copy contents of one file to another file within same directory

    1. Move to your project directory with cd command

    E:\laragon\www>cd laravel

    2. Run - cp .env.example .env to copy the contents of .env.example contents to .env

    E:\laragon\www\laravel>cp .env.example .env


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