How to display pivot table column value in laravel

You can display additional column values from the pivot table using pivot->column_name after getting the data from the table using the with() method. To avoid errors you have to first define the belongsToMany() relationship using withPivot(‘column_name’).

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  • Get pivot table column data using withPivot method

    //Create projects() method with belongsToMany Relationship in - App\Models\User.php
    public function projects(){
        return $this->belongsToMany('App\Models\Project')
    // app\Http\Controllers\<YourController>.php
    // Code inside controller's method
    $users = User::with('projects')->get();
    return view('user.index', compact('users'));
    //Display pivot table column data in view file
    <!-- resources\views\user\index.blade.php -->
    @foreach($users as $user)
        @foreach($user->projects as $project)
           <p> Column value of is_manager - {{ $project->pivot->is_manager }} </p>

    You have to first create project model and table structure for projects table. After that you have to define belongsToMany relationship method in user model with method name projects(). Get projects data with users table data using with() method and return to view file and display in veiw file using pivot->is_manager. 


    To create project model and table structure of project table visit here - Create project table with model and migration .
    If you want to get code snippets to create pivot table for projects and users tables you can visit here -  create pivot table  .
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