How to call controller function from view in Laravel

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How to call controller function from view in Laravel

Good day, guys. In this post, we’ll look at how to solve the "How to call controller function from view in Laravel" programming puzzle.

You can call controller function from view in Laravel by defining the controller method as a static method and call the method from view file by specifying the full path of controller class.
  • Get user details by calling controller's method from view in Laravel


    @php echo App\Http\Controllers\HomeController::getUserByID(1);  @endphp

    //app\Http\Controllers\HomeController.php Create controller (HomeController) if not already created using php artisan make:controller HomeController and use below function in it.

    public static function getUserByID($id){
        $user = User::findOrFail($id);
        return $user;



    This code snippet helps you to call the controller's method from view file. You have to create a web route, a function with static method in controller and you can call this method from view file by specifying the full path of controller class by passing argument to controller's method.

  • How to call a controller function inside a view?

    Here App\Http\Controllers\StudentController is the controller and test() is the method we want to call. You can call it by using {{ App\Http\Controllers\StudentController::test() }} in Laravel blade file.

  • How to call controller function in view laravel?

    $varbl = App::make("ControllerName")->FunctionName($params); to call a controller function from a my balde template(view page).

  • What is the proper way to call controllers from the view?

    There are a number of different approaches one can take to Call Controller Method From View. Each way we defined here has own utility. Here we have controller named StudentController with method test() and we can call it in our view file as below.

    	use App\Http\Controllers\StudentController;
  • How do I add a controller in Laravel?

    Open the command prompt or terminal based on the operating system you are using and type the following command to create controller using the Artisan CLI (Command Line Interface) php artisan make:controller YourController. Replace the <YourController> with the name of your controller. This will create a plain constructor as we are passing the argument — plain

  • How do you call a method from another class in laravel?

    use App\Http\Controllers\OtherController;
    class TestController extends Controller.
    public function index()
    	//Calling a method that is from the OtherController.
    	$result = (new OtherController)->method();
  • How to call controller method with parameter from view?

    I'm trying to call an method getUserByID(), which takes id as a parameter, in my HomeController. You can call this method from Laravel controller to view. @php echo App\Http\Controllers\HomeController::getUserByID(1); @endphp

  • How do you call a post function in Laravel?

    We can create a “Calling” function. Copy the actionable parts of the method into another function that can be called. In essence, you are creating a function that retrieves the data from the POST request and then calls the actual function that processes the data bypassing the data as a parameter.

  • How to call controller function in blade Laravel 7?

    • use App\Http\Controllers\TasksController;
    • $tasks_controller = new TasksController;
    • $tasks_controller->postNotification($comment_content, $author);
  • What is Invokable controller Laravel?

    Sometimes you need to create a controller which doesn't cover all seven resourceful methods, like index(), create(), store() etc. You just need controller which does one thing and you're struggling how to name that method. No more struggle, there's __invoke() method.

  • Where is controller in Laravel?

    In Laravel, a controller is in the 'app/Http/Controllers' directory. All the controllers, that are to be created, should be in this directory. We can create a controller using 'make:controller' Artisan command.

  • How many types of controllers are there in Laravel?

    There are two types of controller used in Laravel.

    1. Basic Controllers
    2. Resource Controllers

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