Create record with unique slug in laravel

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Create record with unique slug in laravel

In this session, we are going to try to solve the "Create record with unique slug in laravel" puzzle by using the computer language.

You can create a unique slug for a record in the table in laravel. Sometimes you have to create the slug which should be unique so that you can uniquely identify each record without using its id and it’s also required for SEO purposes.
  • Create post with unique slug in laravel 8


    Import class after the namespace and before the class definition

    use Illuminate\Support\Str;
    use App\Models\Post;

    Controller's method

    public function createSlug($title, $table , $id = 0)
        // Normalize the title and create slug
        $slug = Str::slug($title);
        // Get any that could possibly be related.
        // This cuts the queries down by doing it once.
        $allSlugs = $this->getRelatedSlugs($slug, $table, $id);
        // If we haven't used it before then we are all good.
        if (! $allSlugs->contains('slug', $slug)){
            return $slug;
        // Just append numbers like a savage until we find it is not used.
        for ($i = 1; $i <= 10; $i++) {
            $newSlug = $slug.'-'.$i;
            if (! $allSlugs->contains('slug', $newSlug)) {
                return $newSlug;
        throw new \Exception('Can not create a unique slug');
    //Function to get all the records which has same slug 
    public function getRelatedSlugs($slug, $table, $id = 0)
        return  DB::table($table)->select('slug')->where('slug', 'like',  $slug.'%')
            ->where('id', '<>', $id)
    public function createPost(){
        $title = 'Nisi iure id ut molestiae quae';
        $slug = $this->createSlug($title, 'posts');
        $post = Post::create(
            ['title' => $title, 'slug' => $slug]
        echo $post;
    use App\Http\Controllers\HomeController;
    Route::get('/create-post', [HomeController::class, 'createPost']);

    Output : 

    {"title":"Nisi iure id ut molestiae quae","slug":"nisi-iure-id-ut-molestiae-quae","updated_at":"2021-09-16T04:43:04.000000Z",

    You have to create a posts table with a title and slug column. Create the post model with fillable attributes and add title and slug to this fillable attribute. You have to pass the post title and table name to createSlug() method to create the unique slug by appending 1, 2, 3, …  if the slug already exists with the same value in the table.

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