Call to undefined relationship [user] on model [App\Models\Post]

Sometimes we got error Call to undefined relationship [user] on model [App\Models\Post] while calling relationship method using with() on model without defining the method in model class.

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  • Get user/author detail using belongsTo relation on post model

    class Post extends Model
        //Add user method in existing post model
        public function user(){
            return $this->belongsTo('App\Models\User');
    //Code snippet to get the user/author details with post.
    $data = Post::with('user')->first();
    //Import post model after the namespace in controller or anywhere you want to use the above code
    use App\Models\Post;

    You have to create a user method with belongsTo relationship in the post model. It helps you to get the user or author information using the user_id (foreign_id) of the posts table and id (primary key) column of users table.

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