How to get file extension using javascript/jquery

Created at 16-Jul-2021 , By samar

How to get file extension using javascript/jquery

Through the use of the programming language, we will work together to solve the "How to get file extension using javascript/jquery" puzzle in this lesson.

You can get file extension in HTML using javascript/jquery function. You have to pass the filename to the javascript function and this function returns the format of the file. By using this function you can get that the file is an image (png, jpg, jpeg), pdf, or in any other format.
  • Get file extension using file name with replace method in javascript

        function getFileExtension(fileName){
            var  fileExtension;
            fileExtension = fileName.replace(/^.*\./, '');
            return fileExtension;
        var fileExt = getFileExtension('filename.jpg');

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