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W3codegenerator provides a tool (Alerts Generator) to customize alert messages as per your requirement. You can change color combination , text, spacing (margin/padding) and much more things to look your alert message attractive. You can get your customized code by single click of mouse.

Here Bootstrap alert example code generator is easy and free to use. You just have to cusotmize as per your desire like changing alert color combination for alert warning, alert danger, alert success, alert dark, alert info, spaning (margin, padding), border etc.

You can use Bootstrap alert auto close functionality in alert generator. You have to just click on auto close options in the left sidebar and auto close functionality will be enable in your generated code.

Alert boxes are used quite often to stand out the information that requires immediate attention of the end users such as warning, error or confirmation messages . With code generator you can easily create elegant alert messages box for various purposes.

Note: We recommended to use latest bootstrap 4 version in your html so that you can get all the effects and properties to bootstrap element.
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