Install latest Nodejs version in Laragon

Created at 19-Oct-2022, By samar

Installing a new version of Node.js in Laragon is very easy. You have to just download the latest version of node js and place it in the nodejs directory under \laragon\bin\nodejs. Now you have to restart Laragon after selecting the latest node js version.

Step by step instructions to install latest version of nodejs in Laragon

1. Go to .

2. Click on the 64-bit option under windows binary (.zip) section to download the zip format. 


3.   Go to your downloads folder or where you downloaded.

4. Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive in a folder with the same name, for instance node-v16.18.0-win-x64.

5. Move the complete \node-v16.18.0-win-x64\ folder to the \bin\nodejs\ folder of your Laragon installation. In my case laragon installation destination is E: \laragon\bin\nodejs.

6. Now you can select the latest version of nodejs by laragon menu option.

You can use node -v command in your command prompt to see the node version which you are running on your system.